Tisha Rowland
Team Lead & Dog Mamma

Tisha is our Fearless leader and Dedicated mentor.  Real Estate has been Full Time since 2011 after receiving her Business degree.  The concentration in Marketing proves to VERY beneficial.

She prides herself on having balance between Work and Fun.  It's often that they take off in their camper, dogs in tow, and park on a Lake somewhere.  You never know if she's working from a hammock or the office.

FUN FACT:  Tisha owns and rides a Motorcycle.  It's a Big Bike too!


Adam & Jackie
Office Assistants

This husband and wife team is the reason Tisha can leave the office.  Adam handles our property research, phone calls, setting up meetings, social media, etc..

Jackie is our creative addition who researches subjects for blogs and organizes Team Tisha activities like walking in a Parade or Sponsoring local events.  The Fun Stuff!

Together, they are the biggest Nerds you'll ever meet!  They are the most genuine and loving couple you'll hope to encounter too.

Closing Coordinator

She is a breath of fresh air!  Tammy takes over when we have a Contract to Purchase.  Keeping Buyers, Sellers, Lenders and Attorneys on task and on time is her arena!  We have time to kiss our children and walk dogs with Tammy.

We're looking forward to giving her even more to do as we're often told "Bring It On!".